System ZX-27


Tooth gaps disrupt perfect closure and chewing harmony. Their effect on human organism are known. Tooth gaps can be eliminated by fix denture when adequate numbered and situated own teeth are present. In case of a low number or unsuitable teeth prosthetics are applied. Their disadvantages are known. In certain parts of such cases application of implants remains a possibility, that is a rather complicated intervention and raises several problems. Despite of successful construction, success is only partial, as with solving one problem, an other, hardly curable problem brings to surface, namely the patient’s damaged psyche. Accomplishment of one or two end situations had been studied for a long time by professional researchers. The essence of ZX-27 Attractive Glass Abutment System is, that those who still have own teeth, but do not want prosthetics or implants can obtain fix dentures with this method.

Condition of introduction and application of a long last designed denture is that implantation should not be resulted in permanent and irreversible tissue damage. Secondary changes within the implant, that could cause alteration on the structure of the surface or modification of element composition due to solubility of the saliva, that is dissolution of substances from the glass should not occur.


Why the glass ?

It was a long way to ZX-27 Attractive Glass Abutment System. As follows we can look into why the materials on trial did not work. In case of metals casted stub has to be processed, polished while as a result of them it looses as much from accuracy that it did not live up to expectations, stub will not fit to the gum with whole surface. Things are the same with plastics, similarly the processing causes trouble. Moreover plastics are porous that causes food deposition then inflammation. Furthermore most part of commercial plastics are not flexible enough and are not thermal resistant. In case of glass ceramics and ceramics, shrinkage after adaptation to the gum is problematic, furthermore these are not really self cleaning because of porosity. General glasses also did not equal expectation, the causes will be mentioned later. After the trial of the mentioned materials, there was only one choice, namely the glass and a special composition within it. Following the trial of many experimental glasses, ZX-27 glass served the listed view points.

Main characteristics of ZX-27 glass

General glasses did not equal expectation as dental glasses have to serve many view points at the same time, namely:

  • meltablity
  • workability
  • rigidity
  • chemical resistance

There is no such amongst general glasses, the main problem is meltablity and chemical resistance. General glasses can not be heat-processed under dental technical circumstances. It can be fractured during heating or invisible hair-crack may develop that leads to fracture. Similar processes occur with cooling. Chemical resistance is the other problem. Saliva interacts the glass and evokes chemical reaction sooner or later. Meanwhile toxic substances, like plumb and barium get into the saliva from the glass. These substances are harmful to the human organism.

Conditions made on the utilizable glass:

  • workability
  • rigidity suitable to utilization
  • chemical resistance and its effect on organism.

Main characteristics of ZX-27:

  • Melting temperature: 1560-1600 °C
  • Pressure strength: 120-150 MPa/kp/mm2
  • Acid resistance: Hydrolytic Class 1.
  • Alkaline solubility: Hydrolytic Class 2.

In addition to its main components ZX-27 contains small amount of zinc and magnesium but does not contain harmful plumb or barium that can be found in general glass and their raw materials. Good workability of ZX-27 glass under laboratory circumstances is own to its high boron-trioxide content. That made the otherwise indispensable high alkaline content being reducible. Due to the low sodium content, corrosion does not cause local pH rise nearby the gum. The above assure dental utilization of structural elements made from ZX-27 glass.


Again feeling own teeth

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This attractive tooth replacement system is protected by the world trademark and has been awarded internationally certificates with the highest quality ISO 9002 and it can also be a European brand of quality CE.

20 years experience

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Rapid production

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Good price

Cost-effective method with excellent results. You can find the exact price for a specific operation with dental technician.

Without surgery

Dental replacement system ZX-27 solves the problem of missing pillar teeth without surgical intervention. Glass abutments adhere to the mucosa in the toothless parts of the upper and lower jaws. Each glass abutment is individually heat and mechanically processed to fit … Continue reading