The company was established in 1999 to inform the widest professional stomatologist about the new fixed alternative that is prosthetic system glass abutment ZX-27 and to ensure the sale. The priority of our company is to bring this new system to our market effectively with a clear strategy. The main emphasis is placed on the elimination of possible technical errors caused by the deficiencies in the information on the use of this system in practice.

That is why this new prosthetic product comes to our market as a comprehensive system, therefore, the production and marketing strategy together. The entire prosthetic system was subjected to international certification in Germany where it was certified not only the product itself but also its area of use, indication, contraindication, work process, marketing strategy, distribution and quality control. He has been granted internationally recognized certificates ISO 9002 and European quality label CE, this system has now fulfilled all the strict criteria and regulations of the European Union that will have to meet every product distributed in EU.


Based on your interest, we organize Professional presentations held in different cities. Passing this presentation is a prerequisite for the award od an international certificate which entitles dental technicians to purchase prefabricated glass abutment ZX-27 buildings and make special fixed prosthetic replacements supported glass abutments ZX-27. Application of this system requires certain theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The Professional presentation is mainly intended for dental technicians because the technological process of prefabrication glass abutments ZX-27 processing takes place in dental technique.

year 2009 – Dubai

year 2010 – Greece

year 2010 – Paris

year 2010 – Algiers

year 2010 – Probiss, Romania – exhibition

year 2011 – Moscow, Russia – exhibition

year 2013 – Kolin, Germany – exhibition

year 2014 – Amman, Jordan – exhibition

year 2015 – Kolin, Germany – exhibition

year 2017 – Vilnius, Lithuania – exhibition

year 2017 – Chicago, USA – exhibition

year 2017 – Prague, Czech Republic – exhibition