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Among the benefits of cooperation with the system ZX-27 is the possibility of using eLearning prepared by our company Hypodent so that you can learn how to work with the technology more quickly and effectively. An important feature of the online course is the video that shows the entire process of pillar creation with particular details and schematics included in important steps of the procedure.


How to join eLearning


The entire online course consists of the theoretical part where you will learn all the necessary information about the technology, indication, system, tools and materials. The practical part is focused on the technological process of the preparation. We verify theoretical knowledge by a short test whose results you will send us by an e-mail. For the more important practical part, you will study the video. Then, you will make one glass abutment as a test and you will send it to our address and we will review the quality of your construction. If it’s done correctly we will give you a certificate and you can proceed to work with the system. If there are any deficiencies, we will advise you on errors in the process in a consultation so that you can do it correctly the second time.

You can learn how to work with the ZX-27 system from your “home” in your laboratory; you don’t need to travel anywhere.



“What I liked about eLearning was that it is very simple and concise, it contains mostly practical information that you really need and the video was the best part because it shows the detailed demonstration of the whole process. It was easy to replicate it later.”

“The idea of an online course is great. I didn’t have to travel anywhere and I found all the necessary information in the video. After the test and the review of the submitted work I started to work with the system, literally in a few days.”

“I could connect to the eLearning on any computer from any place. I was afraid of the test but it was no problem since everything was explained at length. The video is very well made and I found there everything I wanted to know.”

“Since I never used online learning until know, I was a bit sceptical. However, my concerns were pointless; this course gave me more than my last seminar.”


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