Benefits of the system

Without surgery

Dental replacement system ZX-27 solves the problem of missing pillar teeth without surgical intervention. Glass abutments adhere to the mucosa in the toothless parts of the upper and lower jaws. Each glass abutment is individually heat and mechanically processed to fit exactly on the alveolar arc mucosa.

Good price

Cost-effective method with excellent results. You can find the exact price for a specific operation with dental technician.

Quick construction

The system ZX-27 is non-invasive, without surgical intervention of the implant into the bone. Glass has high compatibility without any inflammation of the mucosa and no changes in bones of the jaws. Therefore, the duration of the treatment is short and in a shorter time you solve problem with the missing teeth.

20 years of experiences

Prosthetic system of glass abutment ZX-27 has a number of clinical trials and has been used in practice for over 20 years. This fixed solution in the present is still looking for its place in the prosthetic market. Evidence is growing number of dentists and technicians working with this system.


This attractive tooth replacement system is protected by the world trademark and has been awarded internationally certificates with the highest quality ISO 9002 and it can also be a European brand of quality CE.

Feeling your own teeth again

Incompleteness in dentition is too close to the psychic side of the human. Limits debate, smile, only no one noticed the imperfections of our teeth.  System ZX-27 great solve problem of missing teeth in the oral cavity.