Again feeling own teeth

Optimum health in humans generally becomes evident through their physical condition and psychic satisfaction, though often underestimated. Knowing how it works, we have decided to help to restore physical and psychic harmony of patients whose oral cavity problems can not be eased through traditional techniques to their full satisfaction. Hence we are offering you a new fix option to make your patients happy: our glass abutment system ZX-27. It is undoubtedly the prosthetic technique of the new millennium and an enormous progress in prosthetic dentistry.

Our Attractive Glass Abutment system ZX-27 is exceptional not only as far as the application is concerned but also from the point of view of publicity, marketing and distribution. The key role in this system is played by the material itself used for the production of prefabricates of glass abutments ZX-27. This material just like the whole production system and the prosthetic design are regarded as inventions – consequently have been patented all over the world and protected with trademarks.

Both our and the manufacturer’s primary objective is to create a quality control system that would monitor not only the quality of the product itself but its processing by certified dental technicians, as well as the level of trainings and information of the widest professional public on the system. In addition to this, it should monitor the satisfaction of patients, too. Our philosophy is to create a unique system, which would allow for elimination of errors that may arise from the application of this new technique. The Attractive Glass Abutment System ZX-27 brings a new and unique addressing of problems, which calls for an entirely new approach, different from what have been used so far. As a technique, it is allowed to be used only by dental technicians who have completed the obligatory training courses. The spreading of this technique gives rise to a large family made of ZX-27 users. Therefore, one of the most essential prerequisites of the effective introduction of the system into practice and its widespread application is the high quality of international training programs. Our most important aim is to ensure the equally high level of training courses and distribution.

This is why we have been trying to find our prospective trade partners who would help us to accomplish our business objectives in the addressed countries. We hope that you like our web site and find it interesting. We are looking forward to cooperation with you and would like to wish you the best results in your work.