Training program

Application of this system requires certain theoretical knowledge and practical skills, that’s why we would like to invite you to the Professional presentations. This presentation is a prerequisite for the award of an international certificate which entitles dental technicians to purchase prefabricated glass abutment ZX-27 buildings and make special fixed prosthetic replacements supported glass abutments ZX-27. The professional presentation is mainly intended for dental technicians because the technological process of prefabrication glass abutments ZX-27 processing takes place in dental technique. For dentists this presentation isn´t obligatory but because of prosthetic replacement is a collective work, with pleasure to see together with dental technicians their cooperating dentist for free. The dentist uses classic methods to use this system. Some specifics of this system are described in detail in a professional brochure that everyone gets interested in.  Dentists needs information provided by numerous professional presentations and professional articles. The whole stomatoprosthetic system was certified in Germany besides the material, indications, contraindications, marketing, work process and the training program. And as we want to be closer to our clients, we have prepared a news for you an E-Learning. 

E-Learning, prepared by our company Hypodent learn you, how to work with the technology more quickly and effectively, also from your “home” in your laboratory; you don’t need to travel anywhere. The great advantage of this system is that, unlike other technologies, there is no need for a great investment in equipment, both in the dental clinic and dental technique.